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We’re happy to welcome you in our amazing blog: Magical Travels. If you think of it as a normal travel blog, you are seriously wrong. It’s based on real adventures and experiences. The aim of our project is to make you dream just by reading our posts. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated with new itineraries and trip ideas. Follow us through this amazing journey…you will not regret it!!!.

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Have you ever dreamed about going to Africa? It is an incredible land where you can truly see and breath the soul of the world. People are simple, yet full of life; the nature is wild and in some points, still untouched by man. With its safaris, incredible landscapes and dangerous, yet stunning animals is for sure a must do travel once in a lifetime…even twice or more.

The land were dreams come true: America. Such an incredible destination, full of life and contrasts. We will lead you through a fantastic journey: from the lights of the mighty skyscrapers to the relaxing beaches of South America. Follow us during this unique trip…we promise, it will be unforgettable.

With its amazing beaches, food and culture is a heaven for adventurous travelers. Do not miss an incredible written journey through the best beaches you could find in Vietnam or a tasty trip among indonesian food. Our posts will let you discover the wonderlusts that Asia has to offer.

All cities in Europe are amazing destionations to discover. We love taking you around from Spain to Norway and Russia. Jump on board of our virtual plane and come with us to discover these fantastic places. Good food, lovely weather conditions and astonishing landscapes are the highlights of our blog posts.

Beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and a peaceful way of living are just a few of the characteristics that Oceania has to offer. We will be glad to led you through a written journey in this amazing continent. Keep reading our blog posts, you will not regret it!!!

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