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Florence – The Best Travel Guide for you!


Florence – The Best Travel Guide for you!

Are you planning to spend a few days in Florence while on your visit to Italy? It is undoubtedly the best place to be because there is so much to do in this fascinating city. All you need is to step out in the Florence streets with the hands-on best Florence travel guide. We will help you out in formulating Florence itinerary and picking the right attractions, which are worth visiting.

Florence - A Mystical City

Located on River Arno in the heart of Italy, Florence is a hub of astounding museums, prestigious art galleries, lavish boutiques, wondrous sites, and exclusive food points. Let’s have a look at the attractions that you should list in your Florence itinerary.

  • Visit Bargello Museum: Former Barracks and prison turned into a museum, this impressive site houses startling collection of Renaissance sculpture. Don’t forget to praise the remarkable masterpieces by Donatello and Michael Angelo exhibited over there.


  • Take a sunset boat ride: It is one of the inexpensive things to do in Florence, Italy. I Renaioli boat rides are an inspiration from Florence historical river transport that lets you enjoy the city’s glory from a different perspective.


  • Shop from Gucci Garden: Fan of Gucci products? You will surely enjoy visiting this multi-level boutique-cum-museum. Here you will find fashion, arts, food, and history gathered in Florence’s Piazza Signoria.


  • Enjoy a meal at Mercato Centrale: The existence of this double-story food heaven dates back to the nineteenth century. From its ground floor, you can shop fresh fruits, meat, wine, and spices, and on its first floor, you can find various food points serving delicious pasta, fast food, cold cuts, and gelato.


  • Shop from leather shops: Florence is famous for its leatherwork and best craftsmanship. Visit the leather school or Massimo leather or Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani, and find yourself a sturdy leather jacket or a luxurious handbag. 


  • Visit the Uffizi: For the love of Renaissance art, do pay a visit to this horse-shoe shaped gallery as it has hundreds of unmissable gems to praise, The Birth of Venus, in particular. 


  • Have a gelato from Vivoli: Why not to cater to your sweet cravings with one of the oldest and best gelato shops in Florence. Yes, Vivoli is the place. You will surely love the unbeatable taste of amazing gelato they serve.

Apart from the above spots, you can go to Palazzo Strozzi, a contemporary art gallery, climb up a stairwell called Giardino Bardini for the city’s panoramic view, buy amazing perfumes from AquaFlor Firenze or take a simple walking tour to cherish Florence’s novel artisans. Do follow this best Florence travel guide for a memorable trip. 

Buona Fortuna (good luck)!

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  1. Italy has always been number one on my “must visit one day” list! All of the history there, it’s so intriguing to me. And it just seems so romantic, as well as nostalgic. There’s just something about it that draws me in! I’ve always wanted to try gelato! I have to say, your article has really made me long to visit Italy even more! I will keep your suggestions in mind should I get to travel to Florence in the future! By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I live in a small town near Florence so if you’ll come to visit Italy, do not hesitate to get in touch, I’ll be more than happy to show you around.

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