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Top 10 Places to Visit before you Turn 30


Top 10 Places to Visit before you Turn 30

Many want to visit all the beautiful destinations that our world offers us, without a doubt it would leave anyone with unforgettable memories in addition to the personal growth that these experiences leave us, filling us with culture, understanding, and new friends. It is for this last reason that we have created this list with the places that you must visit before your 30th birthday. The list includes the most paradisiacal beaches, fantastic natural places, such as Cosmopolitan capitals, ancient cities, and much more.

1. New York, USA

The so-called “capital of the world” is one of the most populous cities in the United States. New York offers a unique lifestyle. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, take an evening stroll through Times Square, relax in Central Park, or, if you are more of numbers, go to Wall Street; they are some of the things you can do in this destination that concentrates business, art, and culture in one place.

2. Amsterdam, Holland

Touring the canals of Amsterdam and seeing bicycles everywhere is a different panorama from any other European destination. It is a modern city with a rich cultural and artistic offer. Festivals, exhibitions, parties, and events will fill your plan in this youthful destination.

3. Tokyo, Japan

If you want a destination full of traditions and at the same time modern and young, Tokyo is your city in Japan. A site with such a varied offer that will always make you come back because you will not be able to see everything in one visit. You will become the king of karaoke, you can be the best dealer in fish auctions or get all your ‘geek’ side visiting Akihabara.

4. Rome, Italy

A city that is more than emblematic in world history, walking through its streets will make you remember any museum you have visited. The union of impressive historical enclaves, its Italian gastronomic offer, in addition to housing the Vatican, make Rome a quintessential destination for your first great trip, especially before the age of 30. And to get here you will not need the GPS since all the roads lead to Rome.

5. Havana, Cuba

Many say that time travel is impossible, but visiting Havana is undoubtedly experience from another era. Classic cars, colorful colonial architecture, and beautiful beaches are part of the tour of this wonderful place in Cuba. You’ll fill salsa and dance many of your evenings while enjoying the warm personality of its locals.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru is one of the most popular destinations today. This ancient Andean town is one of the new seven wonders of the modern world; with its 15th-century limestone architecture, it will offer you spectacular views of this plateau in the Amazon jungle. A journey that will fill you with an energy that you have never felt before.

7. Paris, France

The famous city of light made up of cultural icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, or the Mona Lisa inside the Musée du Louvre. It is a romantic course par excellence and you will not have a day without something new to see, on the other hand, there is always a topic of conversation about a trip to Paris, so better to participate than to become just a spectator.

Paris is a wonder that everyone should see once in a lifetime. Traveling to the capital of France should be mandatory at any age, but more so for young people, who will be able to see the wonder of the city at a young age. It is advisable to walk along its avenues and look up to admire the beautiful buildings, rest in the parks and soak up the culture in the museums, especially in the Louvre and Orsay.

From the Tour of Eiffel Tower, you have a majestic view of the city of Paris.

Paris is full of things to see and do, but the most important thing is that you get close to the Eiffel Tower, and not only that, but arm yourself with patience, stand in line, and go up to the highest corner. In addition to the sensation that being there produces, you will have a majestic view of the city of light.

8. Islamabad, Pakistan

It might be surprising for you to know that Islamabad is the world’s second beautiful capital in the world. In the territory of Pakistan are the most picturesque places in South Asia, this country preserves vestiges of history that is more than 5,000 years old. The oldest kingdom in Harappa, which existed in the XXIII-XVII centuries. BC, the early Buddhists of Gandhara, the heirs of Alexander the Great, the Seleucids, and the great Mughals left their mark here. In the foothills of the Himalayas, the remnants of the greatest Buddhist monasteries are still hidden, medieval Muslim mystics – Sufis – live in ancient cities, and the magnificent temples of Lahore keep the secrets of Akbar the Great.

Living in Islamabad is so peaceful. Good and comfortable hotels are concentrated in the capital. After exploring Islamabad, you would also want to visit Northern Pakistan that is even more beautiful and mesmerizing.

9. Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and represents an exotic place full of peaceful temples and impressive markets, this destination offers something for everyone. A spiritual, cultural, gastronomic, and political city with a somewhat chaotic but friendly atmosphere for all travelers who visit it.

10. Madrid, Spain

It is a diverse and festive city. Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, it is an incredible place that has a lot to offer and that is nourished not only by natives but also by people from other parts of Spain and the world, which makes it an interesting and diverse city. It is not the most monumental town and maybe it does not seem the most beautiful, but it has a charm that many would like.

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  1. Such a lovely list! I plan on visiting these locations in the future ❤️

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by….It’s been a pleasure to put toghether this list, hope you’ll visit these cities in the future!!!

  2. What an incredible list! Although as I am now closer to 40 than 30 I think I need to get travelling! Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!! Doesn’t matter the age, if you have the possibility, you should travel and see the world

  3. I only have one more year to go until I’m 30 so unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to go to too many places before then. New York is definitely at the top of my list of places I’d love to visit though!

    Lauren |

    1. Doesn’t matter the age, if you can go wherever you want. New York is incredible, I’ve been there twice, such an amazing city!!!

  4. Great post! There’s so many amazing places on here that I want to visit!

    1. Travel as much as you can!!! Thanks for stopping by

  5. Thanks for sharing, I have visited some of these places allready, the rest look lovely places to visit are on my bucket list 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you can visit the other places as soon as possible.

  6. I have been to half of the places, hopefully I will make the others by 30.. not sure ?

    1. Hope you can, I enjoyed those places, especially New York, it really stole my hearth

  7. Ohh, I need to hurry up! 😀 My 30’s isn’t too far away but because of the Coronavirus I would say, that now this is a list ”till 31” 😀
    Because of COVID-19 was canceled 2 beautiful travels from this list – Amsterdam, and Paris! But hopefully, next year!

    1. Ahahahah yes, I agree, let’s say that it’s a list “till 31”.

  8. Great post! I’m 27 so have a few years to tick some of these off! Recently went to New York and absolutely loved it. Had the best adventure!
    Hannah |

    1. Yesss, we have the same age, still young with a world to see

  9. Interesting post! And great list! I’ve been to most of these places and thankfully – I’m way above 30 ?

    1. Happy to know that you have visited all of them. It’s now time to discover some new place

  10. I guess I’ve got some catching up to do. Over 40 and I’ve only been to 1 of these so far. But I’ve been there more than 10 times. Good list of interesting places to see.

    1. It’s now time to visit the others. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment. Have a nice day

  11. Great list! Unfortunately I haven’t been to many of them and only have 1 year left till 30. But they are all on my list to go to. Just will be after 30! ?

    1. Don’t worry, I’m almost 30 years old and I still have to visit some of the place in the list!!! Hope to travel again soon

  12. Cheers to anyone who can achieve such a list by 30! I’m a bit above that mark and finally checking them off! Beautiful locations!!

    1. I should change the title in “10 places to visit at least once in a lifetime”, beautiful locations indeed!!!

  13. This is making me want to go on holiday even more! I’ve been to Paris twice now and loved it both times, I haven’t been to the other 9 places though. One day I would love to go to Thailand x

    1. Hope you travel as much as you can!!!

  14. What a great list! I’d love to visit all these places by the time I’m 30, but we’ll see ?

    1. Hope you can do it!!! Thanks for stopping by

  15. Graham Crosby says:

    I’m a bit past 30 and have visited a few of these, but still really want to go to Madrid and Tokyo.
    Great post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Definitely you should plan a visit there any time soon!!!

  16. Yes! So many places I want to visit RIGHT NOW! I think the only one I can mark off is NYC. Hope to visit the rest someday soon.

    1. Love NYC, I’ve been there twice…hope you can visit the others!!! Thanks for stopping by

  17. It will be a life achievement for me to achieve this, but I am adding this to my bucket list. Thank you!
    Ilham |

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Travel as much as you can, it’s the only thing that makes you richer

  18. Such exciting places to visit for young people. I’ll pass the list to my teenager daughter. I’m surprised you don’t have Berlin Germany on the list. I lived there in my 30s and it’s such a youth oriented city.

    1. I love Berlin!!!! I had to make some choices unfortunately, couldn’t put all the destinations that I wantes otherwise it would have been a neverending list!!!!

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