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Some info about the coffee culture in Vietnam!!!


Some info about the coffee culture in Vietnam!!!

The name of the country “Vietnam” automatically conjures up the tragic unfortunate war, the astonishing beauty of the Viet landscapes, cultural heritage, and the vast chaotic cities. Now, one thing else is continuously becoming the trademark of Vietnam and that is the new but thrilling coffee culture. When traveling through Vietnam, it will be almost impossible for you not to be impressed by this burgeoning coffee culture that is rapidly taking hold of the country. You will find Vietnamese coffee culture different from the coffee culture of the rest of the world because there is something unique about it. If you are a coffee lover, you should spare some time to explore the diverse Vietnamese coffee culture. It is amazing just like the rich tea culture of Japan because coffee isn’t just a drink in Vietnam, it is a way of life.

A brief history of the origin of coffee culture in Vietnam?

Vietnam was once under the rule of French colonizers and the French are famous for their interests in coffee. Vietnam’s inclination towards coffee is the courtesy of the same French rulers who introduced coffee in Vietnam in the mid19th century. But since then, Vietnamese have made and own this drink their own by making somewhat unique additions in the black stuff, thanks to Robusta coffee beans.

Vietnamese coffee and Robusta coffee beans

The unique but bitter taste of the Viet coffee is because of Robusta coffee beans. Near 97% of the total coffee, the plantation is the variety of Robusta beans because the soil and weather conditions of Vietnam are suitable for this crop. Robusta coffee beans are also easy to cultivate.

Vietnam: From Novice to the largest Asian country for coffee production

Many international coffee brands made their way into Vietnam during the 1990s when Vietnam went through economic liberalization. Towards the end of the 1990s, Vietnam had become the most coffee producing Asian country and only second to Brazil in the overall ranking list. The United States of America has been importing coffee from Vietnam for a long time. Trung Nguyen, Vinacafe, Highlands Coffee, and Nestle are among the leading coffee brands.

How the Vietnamese value coffee?

Coffee has become a kind of national drink in Vietnam. Under the influence of French colonizers, Vietnamese have become fond of this dark beverage that has also become their way of living. Vietnamese know how to drink, how to appreciate, how to value, and how to take pride in it. They consider coffee drinking a ritual that is a fundamental part of their overall culture. The way Vietnamese roast, brew, and enjoy coffee in Vietnam is phenomenal and unique from the rest of the world. 

How Vietnamese cook and drink Coffee?

All across the globe, a machine is utilized for coffee roasting but not in Vietnam. Vietnamese believe that coffee has a better flavor when it is slowly roasted for almost 15 minutes. In the rest of the world, machines are used to make a cup of coffee but not in Vietnam. Guess what? They put coffee in a filter called a phin and is left to drip for a flavor that would be way more rich and intense than an electric brewer. This is how they prepare their favorite drink coffee.

It seems as Vietnamese rely on coffee because they love to drink coffee almost at any time and anywhere. They prefer coffee with condensed milk or black coffee. Hot coffee becomes the first choice in the winters, especially in the Northern sphere of Vietnam. Iced black coffee and iced black coffee with condensed milk are among the most regular choices all across Vietnam. 

Most famous coffee flavors in Vietnam

The following are among the most coffee flavors in Vietnam but the fact is, Vietnamese enjoy experimenting with coffee. Their lack of fear to experiment with coffee is evident from the rise of new yogurt, avocado, and coconut coffees. There are several other varieties as well that are gradually becoming popular such as jelly or bubble coffee. These new varieties are not available at every coffee shop rather they are available at specialized coffee shops.

1. Coffee with condensed milk: ca phe sua da

Once you are in Vietnam, it is impossible not to be imbued by the rich Vietnamese coffee culture. In Vietnam, you will forget about the rest of the flavors because the ca phe sua da is the way to do coffee in Vietnam. The sweet, dandy, and rich flavor of the ca phe sua da demands from you to sip the coffee slowly to enjoy each and every moment.

2. Egg coffee: ca phe trung

Unlike ca phe sua da is consumed hot and it seems like a sweet dish rather than a drink. It is the most famous flavor in Hanoi.

Coffee shops and streets in Vietnam

In the last few years, coffee shops here are becoming more and more diverse and fancy as the fancy and decorated shops you find in London and New York. Coffee streets are also becoming diverse with a variety of shops. The quest for the best cup of coffee is a kind of adventure but in Vietnam where you will get a unique taste at every shop. Hang Hanh Coffee Street in the Old Quarter is among one of the best coffee streets in Hanoi. 

Final Verdict

Coffee is an integral element of not only the culture but also the economy. Coffee may have introduced in Vietnam by French colonizers but the Vietnamese people made a coffee culture of their own. They have become the second most exporter of coffee. Vietnamese coffee varieties are also becoming more and more famous such as ca phe sua da. These varieties are loved by the locals and definitely worth trying by tourists. As far as shops and coffee streets are concerned, they are definitely places to relax for the elders while places to enjoy for the younger generations. In fact, Vietnamese coffee culture is among the richest beverage cultures in the world. It is best for you to visit Vietnam for a direct experience of Vietnamese coffee culture that is robust, lively, and interesting.

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