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A Guide to Bali’s Breathtaking Spots


A Guide to Bali’s Breathtaking Spots

trip to Bali is something unrepeatable and possibly the best thing that will happen that year in your life. That is why we have decided to make this easy travel guide to Bali so that you know everything essential at first glance.

We have organized the information by topic to make it easier to find what you want and to find out about the most important aspects of your trip to Bali: what to see, what to bring and how to get around.

Below are the five places that you need to visit in Bali

Five places to visit in Bali

One of the good things about the island of Bali is that whatever time you go, you will have thousands of things to see. The number of temples, waterfalls, towns, beaches, rice fields and natural places that there are would give to fill a year of travel!

1. Mother Besakih Temple

On the slopes of the Agung volcano is the Mother Temple of all the temples on the island: Pura Besakih. It is the largest and most important in Bali, and despite being highly visited by foreigners, it remains a regular pilgrimage point for locals.

2. Jatiluwih rice fields

This rice field is one of the most impressive examples of terrace farming in the world; in fact, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012.

You will be able to know the traditional “Subak” irrigation system used by Jatiluwih since the 9th century. If you like photography, do not forget your camera because here you can take some really nice photos.

Being a little away from Ubud, you will not find as many visitors as in Tegalalang, and it is also much larger. Walking through its terraces, you will find truly extraordinary panoramic views.

3. Temple of Lake Bratan

The Pura Ulun Danu of Lake Bratan (Pura = Temple; Ulun Danu = Head of the Lake) dates from the 17th century and is the second most important in Bali, after the Besakih Temple. In this case, it is dedicated to Dewi Danu, goddess of water (which is why it stood on the lake), in honour of all the water that farmers need in their crops.

4. Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes Buyan and Tamblingan are the perfect examples of what a volcanic island changes over the years. If you think about the origin of the island, you will quickly realize that those two lakes were once part of the crater of a volcano.

The environment is absolutely taken by a thick and beautiful jungle where you can walk, take thousands of photos or even take a canoe ride on one of the lakes.

5. Nungnung Waterfall

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Bali along with Tegenungan, but much less visited than this one. The waterfall reaches 50 meters and the noise when arriving is overwhelming.

The only downside is that you have to walk 500 steps in the middle of the jungle, but do not be scared either, it is still a half-hour walk that will leave you alone in the middle of nowhere with an impressive waterfall challenging your senses.

Book your visit to the Nungnung Waterfall here

Now how to prepare to visit Bali? Below we have listed the important things to do while visiting Bali:

Five Fundamental Preparations while visiting Bali

Since you will be very far from home for many days, it is better to be prepared and cautious. Each traveler has individual hobbies and essentials in the suitcase, but in the case of Bali, there are five things that you cannot forget under any circumstances.

1. Review the passport

It is very important to review the passport before the trip, it must be valid for at least six months after the date of the trip. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass the control, and you will not be able to travel.

2. Change money

Indonesian rupees (IDR) are used in Bali. To get an idea, €1 is approximately IDR 15,000. The most useful thing is to bring cash to change in an official exchange office on arrival.

You do not need to carry all the cash; you can pay by a card or withdraw money directly from the ATM in rupees, in the end, there is little difference between the exchange rates and the ATM tax.

Of course, be careful! Lately, duplicate cards have been registered in ATMs of the most tourist places. So check your accounts if you take money out there or avoid suspicious ones.

If you do not have rupees, most also accept euros or dollars but do not doubt that they will win with the change.

3. Health and vaccines

We consider it essential to take out good travel medical insurance, emphasizing repatriation coverage above all. It is very useful that the insurance company is international, with a branch in Asia at least, so that the procedures are accelerated.

As for vaccines, it depends on your vacation, for a 15-day trip in Bali it would not be necessary, but if you are going to visit more islands or spend more time, it is best to consult the Ministry of Health or visit your health centre.

4. Climate and clothing in Bali

The climate in Bali is tropical, which means that throughout the year, the temperatures vary little (25-30ºC). There are only two seasons, the rainy season, from November to April; and the dry one, from May to October.

Although it is true that it is called the rainy season, it is not an extreme rain that will spoil your holidays. In fact, even in the dry season, you may have a rainy day. It is best to wear fine raincoat and survive in any way!

About the rest of your clothes, we advise you to be comfortable and light, since the humidity, together with the high temperatures, will prevent you from enjoying your best outfits.

As for footwear, the best are some well-closed sandals and some sneakers or trekking shoes if you are going to do some mountain. Bet on comfort, or you will regret it.

5. Basic kit

Since not all medicines are equally accessible there, it is best to carry the medicine cabinet in checked luggage and forget about problems. Don’t forget to pack:

  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Cream for stings (it is very useful that you also carry some anaesthetic to avoid itching)
  • The repellent is better to buy it there, as they are more effective
  • Shock pain reliever
  • Antihistamine (for a possible allergic reaction to stings)
  • Vitamin complex (for possible dehydration due to indigestion)
  • Antibiotic (in case you have a strong infection)

So, when are you planning to visit Bali…?

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  1. wow! Bali!! is one of my dreams to ever be able to go there! i hope one day I can go. Such an informative post for anyone looking to go there and has no idea where to go

    1. Hope you can go there, really an mazing place to visit!!!

  2. These spots all sound SO amazing! Bali is definitely on my bucket list, and now I know where to go when I get there. Awesome post!

    1. Thank for stopping by!!! Bali is a wanderful place to visit, hope you can go there when this pandemic will be finally over

  3. Amy says:

    Love all the spots, but also the practical tips you include in this post! Super helpful!

    1. Always leaving helpful tips in my blog posts so other can relate and give their opinion. I love Bali, my favourite place in the world. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Thanks for this post! Bali is currently the #1 place on my travel list. Can’t wait until it is safe to travel again.

    1. Me too!!! I’m thinking of bringing my partner there for our future honeymoon….best place ever!!!

  5. I wanna go back to Bali. Still so many places I gotta see there.

    1. Me too!!!! Can’t wait until we can safely travel again!!!

  6. I agree so many things to do in Bali, been there for a week, still not enough. I wouldn’t mind visiting again. To add some notes: be careful on where you exchange your currency notes, if possible ask the reception from the hotel or from a reliable guide, book for a yoga in ubud and having insect repellant is a must!

    1. Thanks for your extra tips!!!! I love Bali, maybe my favourite place to go

  7. Hey! Lovely list you have there. If I could just suggest, please add some more pictures to your post. The visual elements really helps. But love the list and saved it for my next trip to Bali. Thanks for sharing!

    MagicandBliss |

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, really helpful. Love to read that you enjoyed the list

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