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Marrakesh: Activities for Children


Marrakesh: Activities for Children

If you are thinking of traveling to Marrakesh with children, you are making a great plan. Some people have doubts about the destination because it is not a destination that people consider traveling with children but, without a doubt, it is one of the best trips you must have as a family. Each family is a world, so below are the reasons that you need to travel to Marrakesh with Children.

Why travel to Marrakesh with children?

Marrakech is a perfect city to meet with children for these reasons:

  • Children in Morocco are super loved and respected. They are always welcome and don’t bother if they play, run, or have fun, even in the most formal restaurants.
  • They help you if they see that you are going as a family, and you do not have the same “pressure” as if you are traveling alone or as a couple.
  • The contrast of cultures is so great that everything is interesting, curious, and different for them, which is why they are super-involved in the destination and then always remember anecdotes from the trip.
  • It is a chaotic but fun city. Full of motorcycles, donkeys, crazy life, colors, and smells.
  • Moreover, the food is suitable for all tastes. In all Moroccan and international restaurants, you can find dishes that children like.

What activities are there in Marrakesh for Children?

Marrakesh, in itself, is a city that amuses by strolling along its narrow alleys and its squares and markets. Even so, we recommend organizing your days by doing a few cultural visits with a bit of “children’s leisure.” This is what you cannot miss if you visit Marrakesh with children:

1. El Badi Palace

It is not one of the most typical visits to the city but to go with the children is very good. A huge palace that, in its time of splendor, came to be decorated all in gold. It is so big that children can play, run, walk among the pools, go down to the orange groves and hallucinate with the number of storks in each tower.

2. Spice Square

One of the most charming corners of the city. There, as its name says, you will find a lot of little shops where they sell spices. Sitting down for coffee and observing the life of the plaza is great. The most famous coffee is Cafรฉ Des ร‰pices.

3. Al Jeezma Square

The heart of the city and a place that you cannot miss both day and night. Enjoy the stalls, the frenetic movement of its people. There are the typical food stalls, fruits, and vegetables.

Ah! Beware of ladies who do henna tattoos or those who wear overalls. They are quite “aggressive with the sale” and do not accept a no later. Taking pictures with Monkeys might have an amount on your shoulder!

At night it is a show. We recommend you go in time to have a drink and take a good spot on one of the terraces of the cafes that overlook the square to watch the sunset over the square. The terrace of the famous Grand Terrasse du Cafรฉ Glacier is full, and the gastronomic offer is not worth much, but the views they offer at sunset and the lights of the square are superb. A show worth seeing.

4. Bahia Palace

One of the must-visits. Its mosaics, its corners, its ceilings are beautiful… There are usually many people, so we recommend going earlier.

5. Jardine Majorelle

A garden wonder. You do not miss the hype. One of the most beautiful gardens with lush vegetation, many different species of plants and all complemented by the blue color that gives it a special touch. There are usually many people, so we give you a “tip” to save you queue. There are two ticket offices: the one at the entrance to the gardens and the one at the entrance to the Museum. In the first, there is usually a lot of queues and in contrast in the Museum much less. If you are going to visit both, it is recommended that you buy the combined ticket at the Museum and then you will go directly into the gardens.

6. Marrakesh House of Photography

It is exciting to visit. The building is tiny and very pretty and has different collections of very nice pictures of Morocco. On the terrace, there is a small cafe where you can have good views of the city. On the other hand, Madrasa of ben Youssef is also a recommended visit.

7. The Secret Garden

The guys from the photography house recommended the visit to the secret garden. It is one of the few places where children over five years old pay. It is an old Riad with the largest interior patioโ€ฆ. Ideal to make a stop with children because they can play, run, and there is a small “pond” with turtles, shady corners, and a cafeteria.

8. La Mamounia Hotel

Visiting hotels is something that we like a lot in our family, professional defect! You cannot leave Marrakesh without visiting the famous Hotel Mamounia, one of the most luxurious hotels of its time. In most hotels, whatever the level, you can go for a drink without staying. In Mamounia, it is the same.

At the entrance, they ask you if you are staying or not, but you can always enter, saying that you are going to eat. You can still buy a daily “ticket” for the pool or, if you go without children, the spa, etc.

9. Palm Grove

North of Marrakesh is one of the largest palm groves in the area. There you can, apart from enjoying the scenery, ride a camel, go on a quad excursion, etc.

Final Verdict

So, visiting Marrakesh with your children is super fun. You will remember this wonderful time forever. Also, there are plenty of excursions to do near Marrakesh. In Marrakesh, you can also hire a private or free tour of the Medina, which will help you locate and get to know with your children about the most typical areas of the city.

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  1. I have to admit, Marrakesh was not on my list of places to take the kids. But it does sound like I need to add it. Thanks for all of the great information on what to see while we are there.

    1. I didn’t think it either. I was actually a bit scared of taking my kid there but after all has been an amazing holiday!!! I went there with an organized group tour (with a travel agency), best choice ever!!!

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