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8 Epic Places to Visit in Italy


8 Epic Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is one of the most complete destinations in the world. Exquisite gastronomy, cities full of history, and World Heritage sites. We discover the eight epic sites that you cannot miss.

It is difficult to select the most beautiful country in Europe, but it is more than likely that Italy is one of the top of the ranking. Their millenary cities, such as Rome, Florence, or Venice, are responsible for this. In them, we find some of the symbols par excellence of the country, such as the Roman Coliseum or the Basilica of San Marcos. But that’s not all, because Italian beauty is also present on its coasts, islands and even active volcanoes.

Here are the eight most incredible places to visit in Italy from north to south.

1. Duomo of Milan

Covering an area of ​​almost 12,000 m2, the Milan Cathedral is one of the largest Gothic temples in the world. It is the most representative monument of the Italian capital. It is one of those places that do not go unnoticed. In addition to admiring its immensity, go up to its panoramic terrace to contemplate the city from above.

2. Lake Como

The third-largest lake in Italy is undoubtedly the most iconic. Located in the Lombardy region, it is surrounded by towns you may never have heard of, such as Bellagio, Tremezzo, or Varenna, but as soon as you step on them, you will feel love at first sight.

3. Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan

This 15th-century church may not stand out for its exterior, but inside it hides one of the greatest treasures of all time. We are referring to ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most famous paintings in the world, measuring a whopping 880 × 460 cm.

4. Grand Canal of Venice

Venice is a city that seems stopped in time. Its canals dot every corner of this place, while the dozens of gondolas that ply them sway. The 4 km in length of the Grand Canal make it the most extensive and important. Take time to see it, for example, from the formidable Rialto Bridge.

5. Arena of Verona

Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, because, among other reasons, it was the scene of the Romeo and Juliet romance. Beyond this popular story, in this city in the Veneto region, you cannot miss the magnificent Arena, a Roman amphitheater built more than 2,000 years ago in perfect condition.

6. Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa or leaning tower is one of the indisputable emblems of Italy. It is a construction that has eight levels plus the bell tower. It is one of the most photogenic monuments in the country, judging by the number of visitors who come to the city to pose next to it as if they were holding it.

7. Duomo of Florence

The Florence Cathedral was erected between the 13th and 14th centuries. It is surprising for its white facade and its immense 114-meter-high dome, visible from many points of the Tuscan capital. You can go up to it to contemplate the views but not before saving more than 450 existing steps.

8. St. Mark's Basilica in Venice

The Basilica of San Marcos, located in the square with the same name, is one of the best-known sights of the city of canals. Its exterior facade captivates with its domes and its grandeur, thanks to the predominance of the golden color and its more than 8,000 m2 of mosaics.

We wish that the list was longer because it is very difficult to rank the places in Italy as every place in Italy competes with the other. Which one do you wish to visit this year?

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