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10 Hidden Gems in Europe


10 Hidden Gems in Europe

There are many beautiful places in Europe, both for its culture, color, gastronomy, people, and much more. But they always suggest the same destinations as in the photos you see, but when you arrive at the site, especially in summer, it is crowded with tourists, and it can be a challenge to find flights and accommodation.

Do not insist on these same destinations; there are more beautiful places in Europe that are hidden but are really great and amazing. Best of all, these are usually cheap European destinations, and you can more easily get tickets and stays. So check out these cool European destinations chosen from the European Best Destinations list below:

Top hidden gems in Europe


It is one of those essential towns that no one should miss when arriving in Sicily. A charming fishing village in which it is necessary to enjoy its small port, its walls still visible from the sea – which is not known for a reason as the Norman citadel – and its long sandy beaches that extend towards the bays of Aranciotto and de Sttefrati. Sitting in front of the Mediterranean with one of those glorious ice creams that only Italians know how to make is priceless.


The landscapes of cliffs, lakes, waterfalls, viewpoints, beaches, and, in summer, hydrangeas – which is not the Island of Flowers for a reason – adorn this small paradise of nature in the Azores. It is the westernmost point of Europe, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and its list of splendid landscapes ranges from the spectacular Poço do Bacalhau waterfall or the dozen of Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, from the fishing village of Faja Great to the views from the Craveiro Lopes viewpoint, from the lakes of the Morro Alto Forest Reserve to the basalt columns of Rocha dos Bordoes or the bay of Alagoa.


For hiking, kayaking, botanical routes, the glacial valley of Bohinj lends itself to all kinds of activities in nature. Its protagonist is the largest lake in the country, a spectacular natural space located in the heart of the Julian Alps, within the Triglav National Park.


In the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees, in that corner, that is the Hoya de Huesca, there is Agüero, for many, the most beautiful town in Aragon. Like Riglos, it has its own mallos as a backdrop, but also beautiful sandstone blond houses, steep streets, and two Romanesque churches: the parish of San Salvador and that of Santiago, the latter reputed as one of the great artistic treasures of the region, and that its builders left it halfway.


If this small and unique Portuguese village of Arcos de Valdevez is known for something, it is for its cultivation terraces that are reminiscent of the typical postcards of Tibet. A route runs through this area of ​​terraces, which we can join to that of its wooden walkways, but Sistelo is also linked to the Ecovía do Vez, declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.


At 2,400 meters high in the heart of the Caucasus and surrounded by alpine meadows, Adishi is a high mountain village in the heart of the Caucasus that is idyllic, wild, and so remote that it was never tamed by any ruler. Its defensive towers were built to protect the villagers. From it, you reach the imposing glacier of the same name, on the slopes of the mountain range.


Poets and writers of all ages have always praised Lago di Garda: James Joyce, Kafka… But the first to be fascinated by its charm was the Latin poet Catullus, whose family had a villa in charming Sirmione. Its location is liked by many, at the tip of a narrow peninsula that juts out into the lake; its old town, in which the unique castle Rocca Scaligera and the churches of Santa Maria della Neve and San Pietro in Mavino stand out, but also its thermal baths of Catullo and Virgilio, with waters rich in sulfur, in which one can immerse oneself; the caves of Catulo, from Roman times, and the piagga Giamaca, with transparent waters


Lines of small volcanic cones and expanses of green and undulating land that end abruptly in the blue of the sea. Such are the views of most of the viewpoints on the island of São Miguel in the Azores archipelago. From them, you can sometimes see islets along the coast, as in Vila Franca do Campo, which hides an almost perfectly circular flooded caldera inside and is declared a nature reserve.


In the county of Devon, in southern England, Torquay is like an English-style Marbella, a distinguished holiday destination since Victorian times that has nothing to envy the Mediterranean coast. It was in this place of very long beaches with striking colored huts, unique architecture, green hills, and elegant surroundings where Agatha Christie, his most illustrious daughter, was born and found inspiration for his novels, whose footprint is palpable in many corners.


The Scottish coast of Aberdeenshire is a succession of dramatic cliffs, captivating beaches, seal colonies, ruined castles and picturesque villages such as Pennan and Crovie, a former fishing village in an impossible location, compressed into a very narrow strip of land between the cliffs and the sea.

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