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10 Gifts for a Travel Lover


10 Gifts for a Travel Lover

What are the best gifts for a traveler? This is one of the questions we ask ourselves the most, especially now that some key dates are coming when gifts are part of many family reunions and events with friends.

In this case, it may seem easy. A traveler is easily identifiable and we all know that those of us who like to travel also like to receive travel gifts that we can use and remind us that we like to travel the world.

There are hundreds of options so with this list we want to propose some of what we believe are the 10 best gifts for a traveler.

Best gifts for travelers

1. External battery

This is another of the best gifts for a traveler, taking into account the need we currently have to go with our mobile charged to all places and what we use to take photos, ask questions, or simply to orient ourselves with our GPS.

2. Kindle, one of the best gifts for a traveler

Without a doubt, there is no better companion for a trip than a good book. But since we know that on many occasions it is impossible to carry a lot of weight or carry several books, nothing is better than having an electronic book in which you can carry hundreds of books and enjoy reading with a waterproof device and a 6′ high-resolution screen.

3. Travel pillow

We all know how difficult it is to overcome a flight or long journey and how uncomfortable they are most of the time. For this, nothing is better than having a good travel pillow, with which you can enjoy a much more pleasant sleep, supporting your head, neck, and shoulders.

4. Suitcase organizer

Since we discovered these luggage organizers we have not traveled without them. They are perfect for organizing and storing clothes. You also have different measures for different types of clothes, shoe covers, and dirty clothes bag. One of the gifts for a traveler with which you will be sure.

5. Adapter plugs

This is one of the most essential travel gifts and also a sure hit. There is no traveler who does not carry at least one in his suitcase and does not need it during his trip.

Also, this model is compatible with most countries and has two USB ports perfect for charging mobile phones or camera batteries.

6. Suitcase scale

Another ideal travel companion. Many airlines charge depending on the kilos of your luggage. Suitcase scales are perfect for not spending a single gram and thus arriving at the airport with the peace of mind of not having to pay any extra.

It also weighs very little, so you can take it with you on a trip and thus be able to weigh your luggage before taking your flight back.

7. Luggage tags

Although we hope that luggage is never lost, this is unpredictable. For these cases, nothing is better than carrying your bags perfectly identified with labels in which you can perfectly indicate the name, address, and telephone number.

Another of the best gifts for a traveler!

8. Sports camera

We know that there is no traveler who dream of carrying a GoPro camera. With it, travel lover can record in full HD 4k and take photos of 20mp resolution, with a wide view angle adjustable up to 170 degrees.

9. Travel tripod

If you like taking photos, there is no better gift for a traveler than a good tripod with which to enjoy photography.

10. Stainless Steel Water Bottle Thermos

Today we should all try to reduce our plastic consumption, the stainless steel thermos water bottle is one of the best travel gifts you can imagine.

It can have a capacity of 500ml, perfect to always enjoy hot or cold drink.

So, which one do you think is the most essential gift for travel lovers?

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